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A culture is to human development as soil is to the development of a plant. No matter what seed you sow, it’s fate is decided by the properties of soil its sown in. A toxic soil will not allow for any kind of growth, while a nutrient deficient soil will stunt the growth.

A culture is developed and sustained by language; that’s to say, communication is the indispensable factor for establishing any culture. Communication thus, plays pivotal roles, and is its complexity is indicative of a cultural finery. To foster a scientific community, connectivity among the contenders involved is crucial. With Biohacking Peshawar’s current project, we are venturing to map the local scientific community. The reasons are numerous; connecting scientists to better understand each other, and each other;s work ; discuss ideas and collaborate; benefit from serendipity while solving common challenges. Last but not the least we want to honor all those who are contributing towards the scientific culture presently.

A questionnaire was circulated for this purpose. We shall create a complete visual map as an end goal. Meanwhile, we are sharing the responses as soon as they are being generated. The questions asked for their introduction and how they looked upon the scientific culture of KP, finally where did they see it going.

Masum Hussain, IGEM Pesh 2016/Biobangla

Bakhtawar Tufail, BioE alumna

Color crystals isolated from bacteria. (Bioart exhibition, KP)
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