Incubator, in microbiology, is an insulated and enclosed device that offers an optimal condition of temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions required for the growth of organisms. An incubator is a piece of vital laboratory equipment necessary for the cultivation of microorganisms under synthetic conditions. An incubator can be used for the cultivation of both unicellular and multicellular organisms. Present day biology is predicated on increasingly more complex devices and machines. This makes it practically difficult for anyone outdoor a university or employer lab to have access to this technology. Via developing open, easily replicable designs using freely to be had parts, we are hoping to bring the era and the expertise out of the lab to be utilized by communitie

  •  Date: 3RD DEC 2020
  • Darwin India 2020
  • Project Type: Workshop
  •                   Saleem Ullah
  •                   Zakir Ahmad 
  •                   Muhammad Atif 
  •                   Bilal Rehman
  •                   Samim Ahmad

Special thanks to 

Dr. Kafeel Ahmad

Mansoor Saleem

Quantum Learnings

Darwin Team India


About this Project

„Concept Of DIY.

„Introduction To DIY Incubator.

„Design Procedure.

„Testing Mode.

„Incubator design

„Temperature control switch    

„Power consumption

„Settings chart

„Setting the trigger temperature:

„Setting the parameters

„Setting the cooling or heating parameter p0

„Setting the hysteresis parameter p1

„Setting the upper limit of the thermostat parameter p2

„Setting the lower limit of the thermostat parameter p3

„Setting temperature offset correction parameter p4

„Setting the trigger delay parameter p5

„Setting the high temperature alarm parameter p6

„Final temperature

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