In this age and day, every individual is at chaos about the deadly pandemic so-called covid19. Someone who experiences  symptoms of respiratory infections for any reason, naturally starts thinking about being infected with corona virus. This is a natural response owing to the seriousness of the threat and its wider coverage, even kids can be found taking interest in the discussions. Its well established that panic and stress can weaken our immune response, and thus its important to educate ourselves with facts, and act accordingly to our best interest.

The only solution to combat this innate behavior is by getting comprehensive knowledge about the problem at hand (COVID-19 ) and instead of panicking follow best practices.


Lets discuss the evil creature first

The family of corona viruses constitute viruses that cause infection both in mammals and birds. Specifically, in humans, the viruses cause mild to severe respiratory tract infections.

In case of a mild infection, common cold symptoms. On the other hand , severe illnesses in this case include SARS, MERS and Covid19, which depending on the immune health, different people respond differently.

Corona viruses were first identified in 1930 when domesticated chickens were diagnosed with avian corona-virus or infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) . The name given to this newly discovered virus was based on their morphology since the structure of these viruses gave them its distinctive crown shape, owing to specialized type of protein on its surface called viral spike or peplomers.

In the queue of corona viruses, SARS-COV-2 is a new entry, the strain  that was first detected in Wuhan city in link to a surge in pneumonia like disease, now termed as covid19. Ostensibly, the newly discovered strain saw a surge in spread globally resulting in a global death toll of 252,366 approximately.


It has spread across the world, and thus turned into a pandemic, since the epidemic spread form its first epicenter, Wuhan. Its not the first time the human race is faced with a pandemic, The fear owes to the legacy of pandemics from 1720 plague to 2020 corona virus, as a result of humans invading deep into animal territories, and faster traveling across the globe, has further complicated the problems. Many of the pandemics that emerged were zoonotic in nature, i.e they shifted from animal hosts into humans.

The question arises is this a real problem that the world is now facing?

If we look to the situation logically, the COVID 19 pandemic is temporary and soon the scientists from all over the world will find a notable solution for this pandemic. Indeed they are constantly trying to do so.The real problem is something with the potential to change the picture of the world permanently.The climate change is a real problem.The change in the concentration of gases in the atmosphere profoundly affects the natural cycle’s i-e carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle which are important to sustain the life on turn, the issues build up into a chaos that is uncontrollable and difficult to maintain. And its worth noticing that we will be facing more and more pandemics if we didnt change the policy of invading deeper into wild territories, cutting forests, and coming into contact with the wild animals, in the process contracting diseases that potentially turn into pandemics, besides other maladies.

The changing concentration of carbon dioxide is the main reason for climate change.

The concentration of carbon dioxide before the industrialization period was about 280 parts per million.In 1958, scientists started measuring the concentration of carbon dioxide at the Mauna Loa mountain top in Hawaii, by then the concentration reached 316 ppm. At that time the concentration didn’t cross the red line.

In May 2013, the concentration hit the notable level of about 400 ppm and in a few years the level surged to 413 ppm. At that point, the level crosses the red line of 400 ppm.Nowadays the rate at which the carbon is dioxide emitted in the atmosphere it might possible that it will cross 500 ppm in the next 50 years.When the level reaches to 500 ppm or above, the temperature of the atmosphere will increase for 3 degree Celsius/year .the temperature that will be an apocalyptic situation for life on planet earth.Now, this is what the people are not aware of and requires us to be concerned about the situation.

In this physical universe, every phenomenon works on the law of inter-dependency and the experts are indeed creating new resources, technologies and processes to comfort the lifestyle for the human being.By doing so and on the other side of the mirror we are affecting the symmetry of nature and that is the real problem in the distant future that is potentially more dangerous than any pandemics we faced so far.

Every country is on the race-track to exponentially increase economic growth. We are implementing innovative ideas that are appreciable to change the infrastructure of the real world for human being but by doing this, we are depleting and affecting our natural habitat. That is the reason, man-made innovations are good to provide comfort and relief but on the other hand, we are constantly affecting the flora and fauna of the planet earth, and in the process our own future.

So its to point out the larger issues we are faced with, of which this current pandemic and many others are just facets. Our actions today are causing the environment to deteriorate, that over time would accumulate, expressed in unbearable outcomes. Though the problem isnt an immediate one, but its building up, and we better start taking this long lingering issue seriously, rather than letting it come at once in future, when we will be ill prepared for its consequences.



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